It was spring of 1994 and I was sitting at my kitchen table working on my kindergarten “100” project with my mom. This project simply involved me using little items grouped into tens to represent my understanding of the number 100. My requirements as a five year old were simple. EVERY single piece of Oreo cereal needed to be arranged in a straight line, with even rows, and perfectly glued on the poster board – nothing else. My mother tried to simplify the project, encouraging me as I made mistakes, but that just wasn’t acceptable to my young self. It was in that moment that my mother knew what she was dealing with - a daughter that loved to organize, be in control, and make things look pretty.

I love telling that story.  And as I look back on my past experiences, it only made sense to be a part of Polished where I could help others smile and enjoy celebrating their life events. I’ve learned so much from working with local vendors the past few years, along with completing the Event Planning certification program through Schoolcraft College. I always loved being the brains behind a great party, but these experiences solidified it for me. Event planning is what I need to be doing every day. 

I have an amazing husband, who has supported me in every step of this crazy journey, and two beautiful fur babies. I also have a degree in Elementary Education and, before this crazy ride, I taught some amazing 5th graders for four years. I enjoy running, quality time with those I love, and baking cakes for our sister company,  Fox Trox Baking.