Events have had a high standard throughout my whole life. My mom always threw the most creative birthday parties for me as a kid. From Wizard of Oz (complete with a witch underneath a Little Tikes house & a homemade Dorothy costume) to my first sleepover where we played Mad Doctor & had our limbs wrapped & bandaged.  

I followed in my mom's footsteps as I got older & began planning and decorating my own birthday parties, friends' bachelorette parties & showers, campus-wide events in college, & (my personal favorite) my own wedding.

I understand that planning a wedding has been made to appear stressful & overwhelming but, guess what? It's not! If you take a deep breath & step back, it is all going to be alright. We are here to lighten the mood, alleviate stress, & blow your socks off with a gorgeous & fun event.  We're creative, organized, and think outside the box to tie everything together. I do what I do for the smiles throughout the night as you & your guests celebrate.

Besides planning events, I'm a wife & a mom. My family lights up my life. For some "me time", I enjoy cooking & watching YouTube videos. I have a degree in Hospitality & Tourism Management from Grand Valley State University.